Face to Face: Bakhtin's Programme and the Architectonics of Being-as-Event in the Twentieth Century

Austin Press, M Bakhtin, J Bolter, R Grusin, M Cambridge, U London, F -Bostad, C Brandist, L Evensen, H Faber, Ch, Dialogism (+23 others)
1981 International Journal of Co Creation in Design and the Arts, Special Issue on Interactive Art Collaboration   unpublished
The quality of life concept with the objective of improving the residential life is an approach that has been considered during the recent years. The target of this study is to determine urban quality of life in unplanned and planned areas and to study them. Gaemieh as an unplanned neighborhood in Slamshar and Vavan as planned neighborhood near to them. The quality of life concept is a complicated and is affected by various factors such as social, cultural, economic, physical and spatial issues
more » ... and spatial issues that include both objective and subjective aspects. Sustainability and well-beingness are important indices of the quality of life. The methodology includes four steps and focuses on localizing any index, and at least includes 11 indices: opportunities and threats, environmental hygiene, and neighborhood relationships, belonging sense and management and urban governing. The conceptual model in this study has measured with a factor analysis technique. The result shows that these indices describe 78% statistical group variances and so this model is permissive. In this study the objective aspect of quality of life was surveyed by studying the 175 questionnaires were distributed in each neighborhood with accidental sample method. Some objective indices were also measured by studying them and through researchers observations, so as to eventually valuate them. Use has been maid the objective and subjective indices as well as comparative two neighborhoods the hierarchy analysis (AHP) about the better quality of life in planned neighborhood and showed that Vavan has better quality of life (1.512 score) rather than Qaemieh (with 0.8014 score). The issues such as belonging sense neighborhood relationships and security of unplanned area (Qaemieh) have better situation than Vavan. Abstract: Having a more extensive view of translation as an intersemiotic, intertextual, Canadian short story-'Post and Beam'. In fact, based on the intertextuality theory and its expansion using the approaches of cultural semiotics and intersemiotic translation, it seeks to examine how the Canadian short story passes from one sign system to another one, and from the other culture to the self culture, and how it is By examining the intertextual relations between the Canadian short story (as prototext) and its corresponding Iranian adapted screenplay and film (as metatexts), it is @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ or actions of the prototext but transforms and appropriates them both at the story and cultural levels, and creates some other parts which are divided into universally unmarked, culturally marked, and sign function creations. Finally, @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ which there is no absolute repeatition since culturally marked and universally unmarked repeatitions with transformations in a hierarchical order of markedness dichotomous nature of repetition and creation. Abstract Abstract placed in a separate page should be informative and written in Farsi and not exceed 300 words, including research question, objectives, methodology, major results and conclusion. The English abstract should be placed at the end of paper in same format not exceed 350 words.