Strategic Glycan Elution Map for the Production of Human-TypeN-Linked Oligosaccharides: The Case of Hen Egg Yolk and White

2009 Bioscience, biotechnology and biochemistry  
Glycans play important roles in various biological phenomena, but the lack of a systematic procedure for producing complex structures of glycans severely restricts their application in the medical and industrial fields. In this paper, we propose a basic strategy for the preparation of substantial amounts (>100 mg) of Nlinked oligosaccharides, where the structure of each glycan is mapped with its elution position in liquid chromatography as well as the empirical yield. In model experiments using
more » ... hen egg white and yolk as starting materials, the former provided a series of agalactosylated complex-type and hybrid-type N-linked oligosaccharides containing bisecting N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) in addition to two high-mannose type glycans. In contrast, egg yolk gave predominantly 2-6sialylated biantennary glycans together with a high-mannose type one, reflecting the difference in the origins of the tissues. Due to the total identity of the glycans obtained to human ones, the present strategy should provide a practical scheme for the production of human-type N-linked oligosaccharides.
doi:10.1271/bbb.80598 pmid:19270371 fatcat:mkt4t7rs4fhvjcs3vgsbmtcdka