The Applying the New Theory to Assessment Criteria of Agricultural Water Management Schemes for Sustainable Rain-fed Agriculture in Thailand

Anutra Wannaviroj, Thavivongse Sriburi
2019 Applied Environmental Research  
This paper describes the selection of assessment criteria to assess agricultural water management schemes for on-farm ponds to support sustainable rain-fed agriculture, guided by the New Theory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The candidate set of criteria was obtained from several international and national sources related to sustainable rain-fed agriculture and the New Theory. The criteria were reviewed and modified by the expert team based on the goals of the New Theory in order to
more » ... eory in order to define an initial site-specific set of criteria that conform with the context of socio-topographical conditions of Thailand. The team screened,assessed, and prioritized the criteria using three multiple criteria decision-making (MCDM) techniques- ranking, rating and pairwise comparisons- in order to attain the final locality set of the assessment criteria. The process resulted in selection of a set of three criteria, with 15 sub-criteria. This final locality set of criteria was used to conduct a sustainability assessment of agricultural water management schemes of on-farm ponds. Criterion 1 (The pursuit of self-reliant agriculture based on limited agricultural land and water resources) was given the highest weighting, followed by Criterion 3 (The pursuit of sustainable rain-fed agriculture) and Criterion 2 (Self-sufficiency of household daily consumption and income generation). At the sub-criterion level, sub-criterion 1.1 (Land use efficiency) and sub-criterion 1.5 (Water use efficiency) of Criterion 1; sub-criterion 2.1 (Food self-sufficiency) of Criterion 2; and sub-criterion 3.1 (Mixed farming) of Criterion 3 were given the highest weightings. Further research is needed to examine the applicability and reliability of the assessment criteria in field situations.
doi:10.35762/aer.2019.41.2.3 fatcat:vgmydpou5bcircqhfymlpc6j7y