The Study of Ovulation in the Isolated Perfused Rabbit Ovary. II. Photographic and Cinematographic Observations

Carl O. Löfman, Per O. Janson, Björn J. Källfelt, Kurt Ahrén, William J. LeMaire
1982 Biology of Reproduction  
Using the model of in vitro perfusion of the isolated rabbit ovary, in which follicular ruptures can be observed, in this paper we report on the photographic and cinematographic recording of the gross anatomy of ovulation. The observed sequence of events and their timing were very similar to that which has been reported for ovulation observed in vivo. In addition, the use of infrared film made it possible to visualize intrafollicular events prior to rupture.
doi:10.1095/biolreprod26.3.467 pmid:7082721 fatcat:xqemjoj2dvgwdlfsmrmyxnkofa