The Quantum of Action and Finiteness of Radiative Corrections: Deconfining SU(2) Yang-Mills Thermodynamics

Ralf Hofmann, Dariush Kaviani
2012 Quantum Matter  
The quantum of action ħ, multiplying in certain powers perturbative vertices in 4D gauge theory, is related to the action of just-not-resolved selfdual and thermal gauge field configurations, calorons and anticalorons, of charge modulus unity. Appealing to the derivation of the effective theory for the deconfining phase of SU(2) Yang-Mills thermodynamics, we conclude that these vertex inducers convey a rapidly decreasing interaction strength between fundamental plane waves when the momentum
more » ... sfer is increased away from the scale of maximal, effective resolution. This adds a deeper justification to the renormalization programme of perturbation theory which ignores the contribution to the partition function of nontrivially selfdual configurations. We also point out a connection between the QED fine-structure constant α and the electric-magnetically dual of the effective gauge coupling in the deconfining phase, and we illustrate the workings of effective loops in the expansion of the pressure.
doi:10.1166/qm.2012.1004 fatcat:zifos2zvv5dljjcwqg2els6m6a