A Facile Chemical Method Enabling Uniform Zn Deposition for Improved Aqueous Zn-Ion Batteries [article]

Congcong Liu, Qiongqiong Lu, Ahmad Omar, Daria Mikhailova, University, My
Rechargeable aqueous Zn-ion batteries (ZIBs) have gained great attention due to their high safety and the natural abundance of Zn. Unfortunately, the Zn metal anode suffers from dendrite growth due to nonuniform deposition during the plating/stripping process, leading to a sudden failure of the batteries. Herein, Cu coated Zn (Cu–Zn) was prepared by a facile pretreatment method using CuSO4 aqueous solution. The Cu coating transformed into an alloy interfacial layer with a high affinity for Zn,
more » ... h affinity for Zn, which acted as a nucleation site to guide the uniform Zn nucleation and plating. As a result, Cu–Zn demonstrated a cycling life of up to 1600 h in the symmetric cells and endowed a stable cycling performance with a capacity of 207 mAh g−1 even after 1000 cycles in the full cells coupled with a V2O5-based cathode. This work provides a simple and effective strategy to enable uniform Zn deposition for improved ZIBs.
doi:10.34657/5186 fatcat:sfq6arbj5faylclu3zibaraefi