Mina'igoziibiing [thesis]

Georgina Nepinak
This thesis provides a unique view of a Manitoba First Nation community from an Aboriginal perspective. It is a general history designed chronologically from the pre-contact era to the present time. This thesis is especially written for Anishinaabe children and youth so they will know who they are and where their people came from. Developing a positive identity and pride in the Anishinaabe ways, language, and history is the starting point of healing from the impacts of over 100 years of forced
more » ... ssimilation and to find our rightful place in Canadian society. It is also written for professionals who work with Anishinaabe children, youth, and families in education, justice, health, and child welfare to give them a better understanding and cultural awareness of the Anishinaabe people and their history in Manitoba and Canada. Primary data was selected from archival documents and from the Pine Creek Historical Research Collection, including Elder and other community interviews, photographs, settlement maps, and reports. Secondary data included past and current books and articles on the Ojibway history of Manitoba, Canada, and other First Nations across Turtle Island. This history will form the basis for more detailed research by future generations of Anishinaabeg.
doi:10.57692/2kek-ec43 fatcat:ckn56rgebzefzfvk4cdt2cdi2m