Pulp Revascularization Following Severe Extrusive Luxation Injury in Mature Permanent Mandibular Incisors: A Case Report

Fariborz Moazzami, Elham Karami
2018 Thrita  
Pulp necrosis is a common consequence of extrusive luxation in mature teeth with complete apical closure. In this report, the researchers presented a case with severely extruded mature mandibular incisors (more than 5 mm), which did not lead to pulp necrosis. Case Presentation: The case was a nine-year-old female with severe dentoalveolar trauma to the anterior maxillary and mandibular region, as a result of a bicycle accident. The treatment consisted of mandibular alveolar bone and central
more » ... sors repositioning. After 18 months of follow-up, no sign of pulp necrosis was observed. Conclusions: In young patients with severe extrusive luxation and closed apices, there is the potential for pulp survival, and early endodontic treatment should be avoided until signs of pulp necrosis is observed.
doi:10.5812/thrita.69341 fatcat:lrttdg5pznbktlyl467dfvjffm