Dell Gibson
1912 School Science and Mathematics  
This machine is designed to run down inclined wires and to record its exact position at the end of each second. It consists of an electro-mangnet mounted on pulleys. One pulley connects with one terminal of the wires of the electro-magnet and the other with the other terminal; the pulleys being insulated from each other. The starting wire is shaped like this figure. -One end of the starting wire (s. w.) is in front and lies under the marking wire, or the wire at the top of the armature. The
more » ... r end goes behind the machine and hooks into a hole in the back of the machine. When a current is sent through the machine this wire is thrown back and the machine is released. The marker (M) is attached to the armature and is made of light chamois smeared on the inner side with printers ink. The inclined wires are parallel and lie in a common plane with each other. The upper terminal is shown in the cut. The lower one has a turnbuckle for tightening the wires. The lower terminal block is fastened to a clamp which may be secured to'any part
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1912.tb03550.x fatcat:jf3ogfuy4jdethxu6k76sdqbxq