Study on Measurement, Multiphase Chemistry and Effect on Human Health of Gaseous Nitrous Acid

Norimichi Takenaka
Journal of Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment / Taiki Kankyo Gakkaishi  
An award of the Japan Society of Atmospheric Environment was recently obtained, and the following various fields related to atmospheric chemistry were subjects, i.e., developments of new methods and measurements of trace amounts of gaseous substances, reactions that must occur in the environment, reactions during freezing or thawing of water droplets in the environment, human health damage by HONO, and measurements of pollutants in exhaust gas from engine using biodiesel fuel and their effects
more » ... n atmospheric chemistry. It is difficult to describe all these results in the limited space here, therefore, some results related to HONO, such as, 1) multi-phase chemistry in the atmosphere, 2) measurement of gaseous HONO, and 3) human effect of HONO are described.
doi:10.11298/taiki.54.1 fatcat:iz2zqbws6jhsbe6md6rwkgs33i