Synthesis and Characterization of Ag+ ,Pb+2 ,Fe+3 ,Cr+3 Complexes with the New Antipyrene – Azo Ligand

T.J. Al-Hasani, Z.A. Al-witry, R.A. Hashim
2017 Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Science  
oupling reaction of 4-aminoantipyrene with the (L-Histidine) gave the new bidentate azo ligand.The prepared ligand was identified by FT.IR, UV-Vis and HNMR spectroscopics technique. Treatment of the prepared ligand was done with the following metal ions (Ag+ ,Pb+2 ,Fe+3 ,Cr+3 ) in aqueous ethanol with a1:1 and 1:2 M:L ratio . The prepared complexes were characterized by using FT. IR and UV- VIS spectroscopic method as well as conductivity measurements. Their structures were suggested according to the results obtained.
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