Additional file 5: of APE1 and NPM1 protect cancer cells from platinum compounds cytotoxicity and their expression pattern has a prognostic value in TNBC [stub]

Matilde Malfatti, Lorenzo Gerratana, Emiliano Dalla, Miriam Isola, Giuseppe Damante, Carla Di Loreto, Fabio Puglisi, Gianluca Tell
2019 Figshare  
Figure S4. Spiclomazine inhibitor does not sensitize HCC70 cells to Pt-compounds treatment. Histograms show the effect of co-treatments with CDDP (a, d, f) or CBDCA (b, c, e, g) and APE1/NPM1 inhibitors, Spiclomazine (a, b, d, e) and SB206553 (c, f, g)on HCC70 cells viability. Values express the mean viability ± SD from at least three independent replicates. Each value is normalized to the untreated condition. (PDF 81 kb)
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.8873795 fatcat:arksjcge4bacxorhrw6d5jmy5m