Effect of cationic poly acrylamide - nano bentonite system on retention, drainage and properties of recycled paper from OCC

Hossein Jalali trshizy, Saeideh Zarea bidkei, Omid Rmazani, Hamidreza Rodi
2014 تحقیقات علوم چوب و کاغذ ایران  
Bio and synthetic polymers; micro and recently nano particles have been applied in wet end section of papermaking industry. Very special attention is focused toward their advantages for controlling the process variables and improving the product quality made from recycled papers. In the presence of cationic starch polymer as an anionic trash reducer in the pulp slurry, the effects of cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM)-bentonite nanoparticle complex on retention, drainage and paper properties made
more » ... r properties made from old corrugated container (OCC) was evaluated. The results showed that addition of CPAM polymer individually enhanced burst, tensile and tear strength indices. The application of nano bentonite following CPAM has significantly increased all of mentioned pulp and paper properties. Dewatering rate analysis by Dynamic Drainage Jar and laboratory handsheet maker revealed that the time for the paper manufacturing can be reduced. Moreover, raw material to final product ratio (total retention) increased from 96.7% up to 98.7%. Long chain cationic polyacrylamide shows high capability as the flocculation of papermaking ingredients, individually and particularly in combination with nano bentonite, especially for fines which is a high portion in the recycled pulps. Thus the problem resulting from not retaining sufficient ingredients and the pollution load of the paper mill effluent will be reduced.
doi:10.22092/ijwpr.2014.7544 doaj:296f6824b5be402d8fc9102a411b572c fatcat:w7y3h5kcergjnguss5wubuma3u