Novel rechargeable calcium phosphate nanoparticle-filled dental cement

Xianju XIE, Lin WANG, Dan XING, Manlin QI, Xiaodong LI, Jirun SUN, Mary Anne S. MELO, Michael D. WEIR, Thomas W. OATES, Yuxing BAI, Hockin H. K. XU
2019 Dental materials journal  
The objectives were to develop a novel rechargeable cement containing amorphous calcium-phosphate nanoparticles (nanoACP) to suppress tooth decay. Five cements were made with: (1) 60% glass particles (experimental control); (2) 40% glass+20% nanoACP; (3) 30% glass+30% nanoACP; (4) 20% glass+40% nanoACP; (5) 10% glass+50% nanoACP. Groups 1-4 had enamel bond strengths similar to Transbond XT (3M) and Vitremer (3M) (p>0.1). The nanoACP cement had calcium and phosphate ion release which increased
more » ... th increasing nanoACP fillers. The recharged cement had substantial ion re-release continuously for 14 days after a single recharge. Ion re-release did not decrease with increasing recharge/re-release cycles. Groups 3-5 maintained a safe pH of medium (>5.5); however, control cements had cariogenic pH of medium (<4.5) due to biofilm acid. Therefore, nanoACP cement (1) had good bond strength to enamel, (2) possessed calcium and phosphate ion recharge/re-release capability, and (3) raised biofilm pH to a safe level to inhibit caries.
doi:10.4012/dmj.2017-420 fatcat:ty5h5hgfbrd6dfly7lofybbwuq