Electrochemical Behaviour of SS18/8 Bracket in Presence of Limcee Tablet with Artificial Saliva

2018 Asian journal of biochemical and pharmaceutical research  
The effects of Limcee on corrosion of the SS18/8 bracket in artificial saliva have been studied by polarisation and AC-impedance spectra. These analysis indicates corrosion resistance of SS18/8 bracket increases incidence of Limcee (300ppm) with artificial saliva due to increases in Rpol (Linear polarisation Resistance), Rt (Charge transfer resistance) and decreases in Cdl (Double layer capacitance), Icorr (corrosion current). Increase inhibition efficiency of SS18/8 bracket is due to incidence
more » ... of components of Limcee tablet. Electrochemical studies reveal Limcee tablet (cathodic) effective corrosion inhibitor on SS18/8 bracket with artificial saliva. Hence these analysis recommended that people implies with orthodontics made of SS18/8 need not hesitate, to take Limcee tablet oraly.
doi:10.24214/ajbpr/8/3/7681 fatcat:di4k3m4jfrgyvo2eb6q4jidisy