Human Masseter Muscle: Hand Tendon Reflexes

Emile Godaux
1975 Archives of Neurology  
We developed a method for direct electrical stimulation of tfie masseter nerve in man. Botfi direct M-responses and genuine H-reflexes were recorded from ttie ipsilaterai masseter muscle. Muscle vi bration tfiat infiibits th e Acliiiles tendon reflex and th e soleus Hreflex was found to potentiate th e masseter tendon reflex and aiso the masseter Hreflex. This unex pected contrast may be related to peculiar brain stem circuitry of the masseter reflex mech anism.
doi:10.1001/archneur.1975.00490460045005 pmid:1124987 fatcat:gzugjzlrkvdbvb6zhkyplbe7yy