Ordered Array of Metal Particles on Semishell Separated with Ultrathin Oxide: Fabrication and SERS Properties

Xianglin Li, Zhiwei Wang, Chiew Tan, Zexiang Shen, Alfred Tok
2018 Coatings  
Metal particles in gap cavities provide an interesting system to achieve hybrid local surface plasmon modes for local field enhancement. Here, we demonstrate a relatively simple method to fabricate Ag nanoparticles positioned on Ag semishells separated by a thin (~5 nm) dielectric layer. The obtained structure can provide strong local electric field enhancement for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). The fabrication of the ordered array structure was realized by nanosphere self-assembly,
more » ... ere self-assembly, atomic layer deposition, and metal thin-film dewetting. Numerical simulation proved that, compared to the conventional metal semishell arrays, the additional Ag particles introduce extra hot spots particularly in the valley regions between adjacent Ag semishells. As a result, the SERS enhancement factor of the metal semishell-based plasmonic structure could be further improved by an order of magnitude. The developed novel plasmonic structure also shows good potential for application in plasmon-enhanced solar water-splitting devices.
doi:10.3390/coatings9010020 fatcat:hf2wfp3575bgdptecbwpwgels4