Persistent Radical Pairs Between N-Substituted Naphthalimide and Carbanion Exhibit pKa-Dependent UV-vis Absorption [post]

Xiancheng Nie, Tao Wang, Xiaoyu Chen, Wenhuan Huang, Linkun Huang, Biao Chen, Guoqing Zhang
2019 unpublished
A new strategy is constructed for estimating and screening pK<sub>a</sub> values among different carbon acids under ambient conditions via the UV-vis absorption spectrum of persistent radical pair originating from an <i>N</i>-substituted naphthalimide (NNI) derivative in the presence of various carbanions in organic solutions
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.10011368.v2 fatcat:awutg5rcirg2pcl7xlaushycsq