Hematology Quiz-Case 10

Archives Of, Medicine
2009 unpublished
A 48-year old Greek worker in a small size iron foundry presented to our Department because of abdominal pain and teeth discoloration. His family history was unremarkable apart for an upper GI bleeding that was attributed to peptic ulcer some years before. No other clinical signs or other symptoms were evident for a long time after he noticed teeth discoloration (figures 1, 2). He had visited many dentists before referred to us for further investigation. His present main complaint was abdominal
more » ... laint was abdominal pain, resembling that of an irritable colon. Physical examination was negative, but due to his upper GI bleeding history he was tested for H. pylori by a breathing test that proved to be positive. Accordingly he was put under a H. pylori irradication scheme consisting of proton-pumb inhibitor plus antibiotic.