Revisiting parametric multi-terminal problems: Maximum flows, minimum cuts and cut-tree computations

D. Barth, P. Berthomé, M. Diallo, A. Ferreira
2006 Discrete Optimization  
Given an undirected network, the multi-terminal network flows analysis consists in determining the all pairs maximum flow values. In this paper, we consider an undirected network in which some edge capacities are allowed to vary and we analyze the impact of such variations on the all pairs maximum flow values. We first provide an efficient algorithm for the single parametric capacity case, and then propose a generalization to the case of multiple parametric capacities. Moreover, we provide a
more » ... dy on Gomory-Hu cut-tree relationships. (D. Barth), (P. Berthomé), (M. Diallo), (A. Ferreira).
doi:10.1016/j.disopt.2006.05.003 fatcat:q4pbzagytnggtbuqafqscef6jq