Performance of a PPM hard decision-based ARQ-FSO system in a weak turbulence channel

Jianjun Yin Jianjun Yin, Hongzhan Liu Hongzhan Liu, Rong Huang Rong Huang, Zhengguang Gao Zhengguang Gao, and Zhongchao Wei and Zhongchao Wei
2017 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
We present an automatic repeat request (ARQ) free space optical (FSO) system, which consists of a pulse position modulation (PPM) hard decision and an ARQ. The new ARQ's data error detection is based on a PPM hard decision's results and can eliminate the traditional ARQ information redundancy. The results of the numerical simulation have a good agreement with theoretical analysis and show that the ARQ-FSO system can effectively improve the bit error rate (BER) performance of the direct hard
more » ... the direct hard decision PPM system. Additionally, the proposed system significantly improves the average throughput efficiency compared to traditional ARQ systems. These characteristics make the ARQ-FSO system suitable for application in low BER and complexity FSO scenarios.
doi:10.3788/col201715.060101 fatcat:xfjskqx3bfgs5bciadkcp5t2nm