Permafrost, active layer and meteorological data (2010–2020) from a relict permafrost site at Mahan Mountain, Northeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau [post]

Tonghua Wu, Changwei Xie, Xiaofan Zhu, Jie Chen, Wu Wang, Ren Li, Amin Wen, Peiqing Lou, Dong Wang, Chengpeng Shang, Yune La, Xianhua Wei (+5 others)
2021 unpublished
Abstract. Relict permafrost presents an ideal opportunity to understand the impacts of climatic warming on the ground thermal regime since it is characterized by mean annual ground temperature close to 0 °C and relatively thin permafrost. The long-term and continuous observations of permafrost thermal state and climate background are of great importance to reveal the links between the energy balance on hourly to annual timescales, to evaluate the variations of permafrost thermal state over
more » ... -annual periods and to validate the remote sensing dataset. Until now there are few data available in relict permafrost regions although those data are important to understand the impacts of climate changes on permafrost especially in the boundary regions between permafrost and seasonally frozen ground regions. In this study, we present 11 years of meteorological and soil data in a relict permafrost site of the Mahan Mountain on the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The meteorological data are comprised of air and ground surface temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, shortwave and longwave downward and upward radiation, water vapor pressure, and precipitation on half-an-hour timescale. The active layer data include daily soil temperature and soil moisture at five different depths. The permafrost data consist of ground temperature at twenty different depths up to 28.4 m. The high-quality and long-term datasets are expected to serve as accurate forcing data in land surface models and evaluate remote-sensing products for a broader geoscientific community. The datasets are available from the National Tibetan Plateau/Third Pole Environment Data Center (, Wu and Xie, 2021).
doi:10.5194/essd-2021-429 fatcat:jo6a3h6y2vgfbfampgafatrgom