Trends and prospects for IT education in Industry 4.0
Тенденции и перспективы ИТ-образования в среде Индустрии 4.0

Firudin Aghayev, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Technology, Gulara Mammadova, Rena Melikova, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Technology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Technology
2022 Problems of Information Society  
The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) has brought about changes in various aspects of human life. One of them is the education system. The article explores the impact of Industry 4.0 on the field of education. In this regard, the main characteristics of Industry 4.0, driven by artificial intelligence and digital physical structures are explored using distributed computing, big data, portable devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), etc.
more » ... ver, the article analyzes the main technologies of Education 4.0, which play an important role in supporting Industry 4.0 and have a significant impact on the change in IT education. The article shows the main engineering competencies of Industry 4.0 specialists to be knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully complete production tasks. Future engineers need to improve their professional, social, methodological and personal competencies. They need an interdisciplinary understanding of systems, manufacturing processes, automation technology and information technology. The article uses methods of comparative analysis, generalization and systematic approach to the peculiarities of using Industry 4.0 technologies in the field of e-education. The results obtained are expected to be used by specialists, managers and teachers to improve the educational performance of IT specialists in higher education institutions.
doi:10.25045/jpis.v13.i1.12 fatcat:dfwza3cxybfuveyfll7fesz7ku