Periodic Array of Subwavelength MEMS Cantilevers for Dynamic Manipulation of Terahertz Waves

Prakash Pitchappa, Chong Pei Ho, Lokesh Dhakar, You Qian, Navab Singh, Chengkuo Lee
2015 Journal of microelectromechanical systems  
We experimentally demonstrate the active manipulation of terahertz (THz) waves using a periodic array of electrostatically actuated subwavelength microelectromechanical system cantilevers, which effectively behave like a metamaterial. The design methodology for achieving desired ON-and OFF-state resonance frequencies through electromechanical optimization is presented. The microcantilever metamaterial has a switching range of 0.29 THz and a modulation depth of 60% at 0.59 THz. Utilizing metal
more » ... yer thickness to optimize the devices, an improvement of 40% is achieved in switching range. The microcantilever metamaterials are highly miniaturized, extremely scalable, and electrically controlled with attractive electro-optic performance. Multiple cantilevers can be placed in a desired fashion to form complex unit cell geometry to realize advanced THz manipulation, such as polarization switching, bandwidth tunable filters, multicolor imagers, and so on. [2015-0090] Index Terms-Digital metamaterial, MEMS metamaterial, microcantilevers, reconfigurable, switchable, terahertz.
doi:10.1109/jmems.2015.2421307 fatcat:cnsuomyawvcvpi2kfnxmpjmvxi