Failure of cooling tower LOB-CT-1 [report]

W.S. Midkiff
1974 unpublished
Following the loss of cooling tower LOB-CT-1, an investigation was conducted to determine the cause and to develop precautions to prevent future cooling tower losses. This cooling tower, located in die office-building basement of die Clinton P. Anderson Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF), was shut down on October 29, 1973. Excessive use of chelate chemical was judged to be the major factor involved in die high corrosion rates observed. A number of precautions are listed which should
more » ... nt further 'surprise' corrosion problems. The precautions include precalculation of chemical additions, visual inspection, corrosion coupons, corrosion meters, and chemical analyses of operating conditions.
doi:10.2172/4346645 fatcat:wgxs4guukjgddekvwu42qfvfta