Measurements of dipole moments and a Q-patch model of collisionally charged grains

Tobias Steinpilz, Felix Jungmann, Kolja Joeris, Jens Teiser, Gerhard Wurm
2020 New Journal of Physics  
Identical glass spheres of 434 ± 17 µm diameter are charged in collisions among each other. At slow speed some form dimers under microgravity and oscillate within the electrical field of a capacitor. The dipole moments deduced from these oscillations are large. They cannot be explained by the net charges measured for each grain (up to ±3 × 10 5 e) and show no significant dependence on the net charge in the given range. This requires a highly non-homogeneous charge distribution on the grain
more » ... ce. We simulate heterogeneous charging with a Q-patch charging model in agreement to the experimental data.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/abae43 fatcat:6dedhj7jbjfyvaoprkpjag3shm