Preparation of High-Nitrogen Ductile Iron by Injecting Nitrogen Gas in Molten Iron

Lifeng Tong, Shichao Liu, Jinchuan Jie, Tingju Li
2020 Materials  
High-nitrogen ductile iron (DI) was prepared by a new method of injecting nitrogen gas into molten iron and nodularizing treatment. The microstructure and mechanical properties of the as-prepared DI for different nitrogen gas injection periods were characterized. The graphite morphology gradually deteriorated with the increase in the nitrogen gas injection time. The maximum nitrogen and pearlite contents were obtained after 20 min of nitrogen gas injection, and the corresponding tensile
more » ... ing tensile strength and elongation of the DI were calculated as 492 MPa and 9.5%, respectively, which were 9.3% and 22% higher than those of the DI prepared without the nitrogen gas injection treatment, respectively.
doi:10.3390/ma13112508 pmid:32486402 fatcat:c4tnb7yiqzbsdoevz5vzxvfl4a