Acanthamoeba encephalitis

V Kaushal, DK Chhina, R Kumar, HS Pannu, HPS Dhooria, RS Chhina
2008 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology  
Central nervous system infection with free-living amoebae is rare. We present a fatal case of Acanthamoeba encephalitis in a 63-yearold female from India where acanthamoebae were demonstrated and cultured from CSF. In spite of treatment with amphotericin B, ß uconazole and rifampicin the patient did not survive. Amoebic infection should be suspected in a patient of encephalitis of unexplained aetiology as timely diagnosis can lead to a favourable outcome.
doi:10.4103/0255-0857.40539 pmid:18445961 fatcat:le7dnkgzujfb3bqmuilj4uhmly