International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology Investigation of Optimum Operating Parameters for BOD & COD Removal using Activated Carbon

Ghodale, Kankal
This paper deals with the effect of Activated Carbon (AC) on adsorption of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of Sugar Industry wastewater using physical adsorption principle. Experimental investigation is carried out in batches by using AC prepared from Coconut Shell (IAC-C). Effect of various operating parameters such as Adsorbent Dose, pH, Treatment Time and Agitation Speed were investigated. The results are fitted to Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models. The
more » ... sotherm models. The results of IAC-C studies revealed that it has higher efficiency in BOD and COD reduction and hence it can be used as an efficient adsorbent for treating sugar industrial effluent.