1914 The Lancet  
The issue of such circulars by the Panel Committee, they point out, is not open to the same objection, and accordingly, for the convenience of Panel Committees in framing circulars of the class referred to, the Commissioners conclude their memorandum with an outline of heads under which they believe most of the articles or preparations as to which a caution is desirable may be classified, together with a note as to the form of warning appropriate in each category. The heads referred to are: 1.
more » ... eferred to are: 1. Foods, toilet preparations, and disinfectants. 2. Prescriptions which could be otherwise prescribed and dispensed at a lower cost and with equal efficiency. 3. Appliances not prescribed in the second schedule to the Regulations. ; NATIONAL MEDICAL UNION. The returns of the elected members of the council have been made by the respective nonpanel associations, and the council is now constituted as follows :-Presidents : Professor W.
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