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C. T. Cobham
1883 The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular  
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more » ... -DECELIBER I, IS83. 683 part of C]srist. The solo parts for female sroices were Herr Max Friedlander, the baritone, whose concert excellently rendered by Frau Papier, Fraulein Lehmann given at Vienna last month, was a great success, has and Braga. Besides these, mention is due to Mesdames discovered some valuable Schubert manuscripts, amongst Schlager, Hauser, Devey, Messrs. Bronlik, Schittenhelm, others a part of the music to '4 Rosamunde." The newly Wiegaud, and others, who greatly contributed to the found pieces will shortly be periormed by the Vienna generaI effect. Philharmonic Society A inostinteresting musical event took place at Cologne, Robert Voll;mann, whose death we notice in another on Wednesday, the I4th ult., when Mr. Goring Thomas's column, has left a parcel of manuscripts, labelled " Unpub-4' Esrneralda" (which was so successful in this country lished Compositions," which contains, amongst sundry when produced by Mr. Carl Rosa last sprina) was persmaller works, two sonatas for piano, a duo for piano and formed, for the first time in the German language, at the violin, a strinffl quartet, and the music to a dra1natic fairy Town Theatre. We are glad to be able to report that tale entitled '; Midas." the s Zork met vaith a highly favourable reception and Mackenzie's opera " Colomba " has been accepted by a decided success. Though the music cannot be said to the directors of the Vienna Opera House, hIadame lAauline mark any new departure in Opera, nor to present any Lucca being announced to sing the title 1t01c. features ssrhich would stamp it as a representative work of It is intended to hold next year, at Leipsig, an Inter-English musical art, yet it is so well written, and so full national Musical Festival for brass bands. Of pleasing melodies that it -vvill doubtIess keep its place A new comic opera, " The Spanish Students, ' was perwith many other works written in the same style br formed recently at Copenhagen, undes the conductorship Germans and Frenchmen. The three principal 101cs of ofthecelebrated composer Svendsen. The music.which Esmeslda, Phbzls, and F1rollo, were in the experienced obtained a marked success, is by the Danish compo£er hands of Madame Peschka-Leutner, Herr Goetze, and Lane-hIuller. Herr Karl Mayer, artists who enjoy the highest reputation The Musical Society of Rotterdam svill shortly perform throughout Germany. The principal vocalists, as well as Handel's " Saul," with additional accompaniments by the the composer, were called several times before the curtain, *vell known composer F. Gernsheim, the Conductor of and at the close of the performance the same honour was the Society. bestowed upon the director of the theatre, Herr Julius Berlioz's great Te Deum, which was produced at the Hofmann. Church of Saint Eustache, Paris, in I855, under the direc-On the occasion of the Luther Commemoration in tion of its composer, and has never been heard since, is to Germany, a number of Concerts of more or less interest be perfornzed in the Cathedral of Bordeaux on the stll inst. were given. Meinardus's oratorso " Luther in \)Vorms " The band and chorus are to number I,000. was performed at many places and pleased greatlywherever The Association of Musicians in Paris, founded by Baron it was heard. A specially notesvorthy programme was that Taylor, celebrated the Feast of St. Cecilia, on the snd ult. Of a Concert given in connection with the celebration by by performing, at the Church of Saint Eustache, a mass the Directors of the Gewandhaus at Leipzig, which com-by Mehul, which had never before been heard in Paris. prised Bach's Reformation Cantata " Gott der Herr ist The Gold prize medal of the Belgian Acadcmie des Sonn und Schild"; Mendelssohn's cr C6llA Chorus for Sciences has been awarded to M. Michel Brenet, of Paris eight voicesand the same composer's"Da nobis pacem"; for an essay " Etude antique sur Iz vie et les ctuvres de a new composition by Dahl on Luther's choral " Ein' feste Gretry." Burg," and Beethoven's Eroica Symphony. Another new On October 28, Berlioz s " Damnation de Taust ^' was composition, which has been frequently heard throughout gisren at the ChateIet in Paris for the thirty-eighth and (for Germany on this occasion and has met with oreat success tlze present) last time. wherever it has been performed, is Albert Becker's Refor-General Count Frederic son Redern, formerly Intendantmation Cantata. General of the Royal Coult ?IvIsic at Berlin, and himself a At the Second Gurzenich Concert at Cologne, Cowen's composer of some merit, died in the GermaIl capital onthe ScandinGvian Symphony was given with immense success, sth ult., aged eightnr-one vearSe the composer himself conducting the performance. This L. Stasny, a celebrated composer -of Dance music, and most important work of our countryman has now been conductor of popular concerts at Frankfort, died recently performed at nearly all the principal concert institutions in in that torvn, aged sixty years. Germany, and has everywhere been highlysuccescful The A nesv comic opera by Theodore de Lajartie, called enthusiastic reception given to the works of our young " Le Ro; du Carreall," has been produced a. the lCYovelty composers, Cosnren, Thomas, and Mackenzie, wherever Theatre at Paris, and is said to have had a great success. they have been heard in Germany, proves that Germans Herr C. G. Roder, founder and, until I876, principal of are ready tc) offer a welcome to art and artists irrespectise the renowned music engraving aIld printing firm of the of their nationality. It should, at the same time, encourage same name, died on October 29, at Gohlis, near Leipzicr, English composers to persevere in the production of music aged 72 years. Of a high class which shall worthily sustairs the reputation \Ve also deeply regret to announce the sudden death theyhave lately achieved. on the Ioth ult., of Monsieur J. L. Heugel, the head of Director PoAlini, of tl e Hamburg Theatre, has offered the celebrated Parisian publishing firm of that narrle, and Anton Rubinstein the sum of £2^,000 for IOO concerts, founder and director of our excellent contemporary Lz7 to be given during a tour of flve months in the United .3Ietlsstogl.
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