3-1-4 Low Temperature Biomass Gasification with Pure Steam in Internally Circulating Fluidized-bed Gasifier with Catalyst Bed

Takayuki TAKARADA, Xianbin XIAO, Xianliang MENG, Ukiko OGAWA
2010 Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Japan Institute of Energy  
SYNOPSIS Internally Circulating Fluidized-bed Gasifier (ICFG) is composed of two interconnected fluidized beds, a gasification chainber with catalyst bed and a combustion chamber. The gasification of pig manure compost (pc) in a 1 ,O kgXh ICFG facility is studied, with the aim of optimizing the perfbrrnance by improved gasifier design and operating conditions. Experiments are carried out at relatively low temperature, around 650 ℃ . Calcined dolomite is also fed into the gasification chambeg
more » ... ing as an effective additive for primary cata1ytic decomposition of heavy tars in bed, while NilA1203 in catalyst bed serves to clean the product gas, reducing tar concentration to very low level. Catalyst deactivation, regeneration and lifetime are investigated by more than 50 h continuous operation of ICFG, Lower carbon deposition on NVA1203 is expected to extend its lifetime.
doi:10.20550/jietaikaiyoushi.19.0_80 fatcat:bl52i3k7ynca5i7n3skacxquuq