The comparison of rapeseeds' oils from hybrid and open-pollinated varieties by their heating values in the aspect of Diesel utilization

E. Sarkozi, L. Janosi
2010 International Journal Sustainable Construction & Design  
The rape is one of the suitable plant species for biofuel feedstock in Hungary. Currently there are over 100 admitted rape sorts recorded in Hungary and their oils' application as biodiesel proposes new aspects of evaluation. From references it is noticeable that there are differences in the physical and chemical properties of the various rape sorts' oils and rapeseed-methyl-esters. Our aim is to analyze the differences in the quality of the various rape sorts' oils and to determine the most
more » ... ropriate rape sort in the viewpoint of technical utilization. In the course of present research work we have measured the heating values of 21 various rapesorts' oils -12 from open-pollinated varieties and 9 from hybrids- and examined the differences between them. The outcome values dispersed in the range of the heating values found in the references, but the differences between them are less then the predicted, the variance and the coefficient of variation are reasonably slight, so the examined rape sorts' oils are similar in the viewpoint of the heating value. Furthermore, the energy content of the rapeseed oils is independent of the type (hybrid or open-pollinated variety) of the plant.
doi:10.21825/scad.v1i1.20419 fatcat:vakqwbfuwbajbbu5wlfyewjexe