Dative objects with novel verbs in Icelandic [chapter]

Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson, Rannveig Thórarinsdóttir
2020 Zenodo  
This paper discusses the results of two online surveys testing object case with novel verbs in Icelandic. The results show that a novel transitive verb takes a dative direct object if the verb (a) encodes some kind of motion of the object referent, or (b) has a translational substitute that takes a dative object. If neither (a) nor (b) holds, the object gets the default accusative case. Thus, caused motion plays a major role in the licensing of dative case with direct objects in Icelandic.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3776555 fatcat:qwkr2mlivzdrdjhnlpe65di73e