W. H. Edwards
1882 Canadian Entomologist  
Egg.—Barrel-shaped, the ends narrowing equally and rounded; the base flattened over a little space; from the edge of this start nine vertical and straight ribs, at first low, but gradually rising in elevation and after the middle rapidly, till at the top they are very prominent, and terminate abruptly about the rim of the depressed summit; these ribs are thin and grooved on both sides perpendicularly to the surface of the egg; between them the surface is a little excavated, and smooth; color
more » ... en. Duration of this stage 5 days in May, 3 to 4 in July.YoungYarva.—Length .08 inch; cylindrical, tapering posteriorly from 4th segment; each segment rounded; color greenish-brown, semitranslucent; furnished with ten rows of black curved hairs, of which two are close together on middle of dorsum, two are lateral above spiracles, one is partly in line with, partly below spiracles, and one below this; on 2 is a sub-oval black chitinous patch, with four hairs on either side the medio-dorsal line, three others in vertical line below the patch; 3 and 4 have five hairs on each side in vertical line, but from 5 to 12, while there are five hairs, they form two lines, the 1st, 3rd and 5th being in front part of the segment; the anal segment shows two hairs on the side, and a black dorsal patch, on either half of which are about five hairs; two small hairs over each foot and proleg; on 2 to 4 the hairs are curved forward, on the other segments back, but on all the lowest row is turned down; so on 2 to 4 the next row is turned down; head rounded, black, with a few black hairs. Duration of this stage in May 4 days, in August 3.
doi:10.4039/ent14229-12 fatcat:xfik34i7bfez7js4e4uqsmqlha