Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY India and Iraq-Kuwait Crisis

Md Aminuzzaman
2015 unpublished
The present study is an attempt to study the India and Iraq-Kuwait crisis. From the earlier age Iraq and India had good relationship in terms of politically, economically and culturally. After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, India and Iraq relation gradually stopped. India tendency to regard the Iraq-Kuwait crisis (Gulf crisis) as "just another" regional conflict and the consequent need to keep extra regional powers at bay apparently shaped its response. India was piqued over the speed with which
more » ... the United States responded to the situation. India on the other hand, was indeed, not very supportive of external involvement in regional conflict. On the other it allowed the US and allied forces fighter plane for refueling from India's airport. And which is the major consequences for India-Iraq relation destroyed and subsequently India responsible for the Iraq-Kuwait crisis.