The acquisition of anxiety and the impact of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation on extinction learning in virtual contexts [thesis]

Hannah Genheimer
Acknowledgments I cordially want to thank many people. Without their help, this work would not be possible. Therefore, thank you... ... Prof. Dr. Paul Pauli: You introduced me, with a background in biology, to biological and clinical psychology and gave me the opportunity to establish my own research through the gk emotions and further to the dissertation and SFB project. Thank you for all the excellent scientific advice, fruitful comments on my work, and the open space for establishing my own
more » ... stablishing my own research ideas. ... Prof. Dr. Esther Asan and Prof. Dr. Erhard Wischmeyer: Thank you very much for your helpful supervision of this dissertation. I very much appreciated the fast and reliable communication, the warm and productive committee meetings, and most importantly your input to my work. I profited a lot from your expertise. ... Prof. Dr. Marta Andreatta: Especially, for the answers to all my scientific questions, your always open office door without US administration ;), your endless enthusiasm and optimism, your critical and excellent feedback, for challenging and fostering me and my work. Thanks Marta, without you this work would not be as it is! Furthermore, special thanks for all the nice traveling together, a lot of running in many beautiful areas around the world, many fun activities at work and outside work. ... all colleagues from Marcusstr 9-11: Thanks for all your very helpful advice, your help, the fruitful discussions, necessary coffee breaks and all the fantastic group activities. You are a great team! ... my office mates Philipp, Markus, Valja, Daniel, and Sarah in 007, and Ivo in 109 for the productive and friendly working atmosphere, Mathias and Michael for your support with virtual reality and Peter Lenz for the creation of the DruVag. ... Marta, Philipp, Conny, Marlene and Alex for proof-reading this thesis. ... gk emotions and its members for the scientific exchange. I especially enjoyed the spring and summer schools, the experts I met there and the interdisciplinary research atmosphere. ... all initiators and members of the writing sessions. Thanks everybody for writing with me! ... all my hard-working students with whom I was allowed to work together in the past years: Viktoria. ... my participants for the eager and loyal participation in my studies and even the attendance over several experimental days. ... my beloved family: my parents Petra and Uli and my brothers Andy und July for the boundless support throughout my whole life. You are always there for me, accompanying my way and shaping myself as I am. Thanks for visiting the lab, testing virtual reality, being my test persons and photo models and last but not least for the excellent printing service of this dissertation ☺.
doi:10.25972/opus-20639 fatcat:fhmpqhp46vgw7h6njg4k4qs3uu