Detection of X-ray photons by niobium Josephson tunnel junctions with trapped Abrikosov vortices

M P Lisitskiy, C Camerlingo
2014 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The high atomic number of niobium (Z=41) can be exploited to develop a high efficiency superconducting gamma-ray detector based on a novel detection principle, namely, the interaction of a single gamma-ray photon with Abrikosov vortices trapped inside a niobium bulk absorber. To study the feasibility of this principle, niobium type Josephson tunnel junctions with the aluminium oxide as a tunnel barrier and with a thick (0.3 mm) niobium base electrode have been fabricated. The devices have been
more » ... ested at T = 4.2 K in terms of the current-voltage characteristic and of the magnetic field dependence of the Josephson critical current. The feasibility of the detection principle has been tested under X-ray irradiation from the 55 Fe source. The time dependence of the Josephson critical current of the junction with trapped Abrikosov vortices has been recorded without and with X-ray irradiation. The data analysis of obtained experimental curves has confirmed the effect of the X-ray photon absorption on the Josephson critical current caused by jumping of Abrikosov vortices.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/507/4/042021 fatcat:h6wt6v6j6bgdpokftm6c7fem5u