Book review: Heike Melzer. 2018. Scharfstellung. Die neue sexuelle Revolution. Stuttgart: Tropen Sachbuch, pp. 236. ISBN 978-3-608-50356-2

Konrad Józef Glombik
2020 Studia Teologiczno-Historyczne Śląska Opolskiego  
2018. Scharfstellung. Die neue sexuelle Revolution. Stuttgart: Tropen Sachbuch, pp. 236. ISBN 978-3-608-50356-2. The German publishing house Tropen Sachbuch, based in Stuttgart, published an interesting book in 2018 on the new challenges associated with sexual behaviour written by a neurologist, psychotherapist and business-coach, Heike Melzer. She is the head of a practice for couples and sexual therapy in Munich and for more than 25 years has helped people with their problems in the field of
more » ... ms in the field of sexuality and relationships. Scharfstellung. Die neue sexuelle Revolution -Focusing. The new sexual Revolution is her first book which has been written on the basis of experience and practice from many conversations with clients and couples in psychotherapy practice. The book deals with the different sides of sexuality, intimacy, emotions and the erotic and its goal is not to value their ethical or political correctness, their good and bad sides but instead to focus on problems with sexuality in the contemporary world. On this basis, the reader with autonomy and self-responsibility taken into account, should decide what it means for them to fulfil a satisfactory sex life. It is the intention of the author of this book to use her observational skills in order to improve the views of the readers of the texts about unknown problems or even unconscious ones. The book has a rather general catch-all character to it and does not even contain any footnotes. Instead it actually shows problems based on experience with a lot of real examples. This means that the contents can be understood easily and convincingly. Moreover, the simple, vivid and partly humorous language adds to the overall persuasiveness of the topic being explored. The book is composed of ten chapters and the eleventh contains some bibliographical and web-sites references. The main part of the book focuses on a description of behaviour in the field of sexuality in the contemporary world. The author begins by focusing on mastur-
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