Hard X-ray Microbeam and Microscopy Activities at SPring-8

Yoshio Suzuki
2002 ITE Technical Report  
X − ray microbeam is considered to be one of the key 匸 ecllnologies ill tllethird gelleration s ア 11chrotroll radiation lig1 】 し source , Ma11 ヌ tepes of X − t ・ aymicrobearri aild microscopehave been developed at seveal synchrotronradia し ionfacilities . The recent progress on X − ra ア 皿 icrobealnノ ∬ iicroscopy at SPring − 8is reviewed ,
doi:10.11485/itetr.26.40.0_17 fatcat:hrjajlpz3fgwxiqbxpgvftofve