INTERACTION AND EXTERNAL FIELD QUANTUM QUENCHES IN THE LIEB-LINIGER AND GAUDIN-YANG MODEL Interaction and External Field Quantum Quenches in the Lieb-Liniger and Gaudin-Yang model

Stefan Groha, Stefan Groha, Natan Andrei
2014 unpublished
A review of the solution of the Lieb-Liniger is given. Using the wave function, the dynamics after a quench with a time dependent interaction strength is studied. Directly calculating the overlaps of wave functions, an interaction strength linear in time is examined. Furthermore utilizing those overlaps and the so called Yudson representation a time periodic interaction strength is studied. Moreover the dynamics of the Lieb-Liniger model with an external homogenous field is analyzed. After
more » ... nalyzed. After giving a review of the solution of the Gaudin-Yang model, an outlook on how the wave function for the Gaudin-Yang model in an external homogenous field could be obtained is given.