Analytical Study of Self-Control in Public, Based on the Quran and Hadith

Abbas Pasandideh
2015 Taḥqīqāt-i ̒ūlūm-i Qur̓ān va ḥadīs̠  
The purpose of this study is clarifying the reason for the increase of abnormal behavior and decrease of normative one in private places. The research method used in this survey is descriptive – analytical one. According to this study, disparity of behavior in private and public is due to the absence and presence of others. Feeling the presence and supervision of others leads to a condition in humans which is called haya (modesty) and prevents one from performing abnormal behavior. Modesty is
more » ... avior. Modesty is an emotional state of disapproval and disgust experienced upon witnessing unacceptable act which results in refraining from it. The Conclusion drawn from this study is that the presence of others is an important source of self-control and behavioral management. Thus, this important resource can be used to correct behavior, develop self-control, and make people perform good deeds and avoid wrong ones.
doi:10.22051/tqh.2015.938 doaj:11fb09aff90b4fd6896211a03b83565c fatcat:l2sfrzhuhbewlmkouuv26wvpxu