Classification of symmetry fractionalization in gapped Z2 spin liquids

Yang Qi, Meng Cheng
2018 Physical review B  
In quantum spin liquids, fractional spinon excitations carry half-integer spins and other fractional quantum numbers of lattice and time-reversal symmetries. Different patterns of symmetry fractionalization distinguish different spin liquid phases. In this work, we derive a general constraint on the symmetry fractionalization of spinons in a gapped spin liquid, realized in a system with an odd number of spin-1/2 per unit cell. In particular, when applied to kagome/triangular lattices, we obtain
more » ... a complete classification of symmetric gapped Z_2 spin liquids.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.97.115138 fatcat:6pdy3wm76zga7kdz5aemjxcaw4