AENSI Journals Advances in Environmental Biology Numerical Study of Flow Patterns in Stilling Basin with Sinusoidal Bed using Flow 3D Model

M Tabatabai, M Tabatabai, M Heidarnejad, A Bordbar
2014 Advances in Environmental Biology   unpublished
Due to the importance of stilling basins blocks and the significant impact of their shape and dimensions on energy dissipation, and since more studies have been conducted on characteristics of hydraulic jump and stilling basins and less on the effects of sinusoidal integrated blocks on characteristics of hydraulic jump, the objective of this study is to analyze the effect of sinusoidal blocks height on hydraulic jump length using Flow-3 D model which is robust program in simulation of 2D and 3D
more » ... lation of 2D and 3D turbulent water. According to the results, we can conclude as the Froude number of flow increases, the length of both roller zone and hydraulic jump also increases , so that four to five first blocks have little effect on the depreciation of output flow. As the height of blocks increases, the length of jump decreases and for the output flow from the gate for t/s =0.75 and 0.25, the length of roller zone is decreased by 40 to 50 cm. As the height of the block or the ratio of height to distance for sinusoidal block increases, hydraulic jump and full energy dissipation for output flow jet from the gate occur at a distance shorter than for blocks which have a smaller height.