Peanut Agglutinin High Phenotype of Activated CD8+T Cells Results fromde NovoSynthesis of CD45 Glycans

Margarida Amado, Qi Yan, Elena M. Comelli, Brian E. Collins, James C. Paulson
2004 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Following activation in the periphery, murine CD8 ؉ T cells exhibit a characteristic increased binding of peanut agglutinin (PNA), reflecting an increased expression of hyposialylated O-linked glycans (Gal␤1-3GalNAc␣-O-Thr/Ser) on the cell surface. In this report, we show that the majority of the PNA receptors expressed on activated CD8 ؉ T cells are carried by CD45. Other glycoproteins (e.g. CD8) and the glycolipid asialo-GM1 also carry PNA receptors, although to a much lesser extent. Analysis
more » ... er extent. Analysis of enzymes involved in the sialylation/de-sialylation pathways showed that generation of PNA receptors in activated CD8 ؉ T cells is not due to up-regulation of endogenous sialidases. Instead, our results indicate that the PNA high phenotype results from de novo synthesis of CD45 carrying reduced sialylated core 1 O-glycans.
doi:10.1074/jbc.m405629200 pmid:15210702 fatcat:szetokgrbfailct6gdqxfypre4