The mediator and community teacher (PMEC) and his role as cultural intercessor

Mateus de Freitas Barreiro, Alonso Bezerra de Carvalho
2021 Panorama brasileiro de tungstênio (w) entre os anos de 2008 e 2014  
This article aims to investigate the contributions of philosophy as a formative element for the performance of the Mediator and Community Teacher (PMEC), emphasizing the value of teaching to act in local cultural. This is a qualitative research in the area of Philosophy of Education, thus the bibliographic discussion, aims to assist the teacher to be an effective mediator agent, being indispensable to offer training to teachers so that they can resignify the teacher-student relationship, taking
more » ... into account the ethical formations of each social context. For the teacher to be an effective mediator agent, it is necessary that the knowledge acquired by him, serve as a facilitating experience to dispose emotionally in relation to the student and welcome him pedagogically. As a conclusion, it is discussed that the Mediator and Community Professor (PMEC) needs to resignify human formation in the classroom, by reflecting, innating and deconstructing discourses that operate within the scope of a transcendent moral based on common sense. Given this panorama, a critical view on teacher education, it is fundamental in times that the classroom has closed itself to dialogue and recognition of the otherness of the other, which further evidences the failure of ethics in society, including in the classroom.
doi:10.32749/ fatcat:4s67khbh5rbvdcwtgfpxpgagv4