Effective Query Processing on Streamed XML Fragments
스트림된 XML 조각들의 효율적인 질의 처리

Hye-Kyeong Ko
2013 Journal of the Korea society of IT services  
논문투고일:2013년 04월 28일 논문수정완료일:2013년 05월 16일 논문게재확정일:2013년 05월 23일 * 성결대학교 교양교직학부 조교수 Query processing on streamed XML fragments is one of key issues in XML databases. In this paper, XFSeed (XML Fragment Processor with Seed label) is proposed to provide effective query processing by removing many redundant path evaluations and minimizing the number of fragments processed. The conducted experimental results reveal that the proposed scheme efficiently handles query processing and reduces memory usage.
doi:10.9716/kits.2013.12.2.257 fatcat:ozcddednmbg2pppsgvy547ocki