Experimental demonstration of memory-enhanced scaling for entanglement connection of quantum repeater segments [article]

Yunfei Pu, Sheng Zhang, Yukai Wu, Nan Jiang, Wei Chang, Chang Li, Luming Duan
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The quantum repeater protocol is a promising approach to implement long-distance quantum communication and large-scale quantum networks. A key idea of the quantum repeater protocol is to use long-lived quantum memories to achieve efficient entanglement connection between different repeater segments with a polynomial scaling. Here we report an experiment which realizes efficient connection of two quantum repeater segments via on-demand entanglement swapping by the use of two atomic quantum
more » ... es with storage time of tens of milliseconds. With the memory enhancement, scaling-changing acceleration is demonstrated in the rate for a successful entanglement connection. The experimental realization of entanglement connection of two quantum repeater segments with an efficient memory-enhanced scaling demonstrates a key advantage of the quantum repeater protocol, which makes a cornerstone towards future large-scale quantum networks.
arXiv:2101.08541v1 fatcat:ptapridxvrd6jfm3bk4zkdniuq