A Review on the Development of Theory for Hybrid Diagonal Tension Web Panels for Aircraft

Japneet Singh
2015 International Journal of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering   unpublished
With present day aviation industry running on the principle of "A Pound Saved is a Pound Earned" reduction of weight in every possible area of aircraft has become imperative. For continuation of the same; this study aims to gather knowledge, known practices and methods of sizing for shear panels. First the shear resistant webs without taking into account any diagonal tension has been presented to illustrate normal requirement of thickness for a given load. Secondly webs designed for pure
more » ... l tensions have been compared. Comparative study of both of these follows which underlines their drawbacks and then, the reasons justifying the need for hybrid design which have properties of both shear resistant and diagonal tension webs have been presented. Theory of Hybrid diagonal tension web has been formulated on theories of shear resistance and pure diagonal tension webs. Basis of further research for curved web panels, failure modes of web panels and their FEM analysis is built to be done in follow up research papers.