Supardi Supardi
2017 Analisis Jurnal Studi Keislaman  
This study aims to describe the level of multicultural education and deradicalization, and analyze the influence of Islamic education multicultural to de-radicalization of religion. The research was conducted students of teaching primary Faculty Eduacation and Teaching IAIN SMH Banten. The methodology used is quantitative correlation; using a Likert scale questionnaire with five choice. The results show: First, the level multicutural Islamic education and de-radicalization of the religion were
more » ... igh and satisfactory. Secondly there is positive and significant multicultural Islamic education to the deradicalization of religion among the students. The influence of multicultural Islamic education to de- radicalization of religion by 39.69 %. The higher the multicultural education Islamic the higher the de-radicalization of religion. De- radicalization of religion on students can be improved through multicultural islamic education. Therefore the university should implement multiculturalism in all aspects of campus life that de- radicalization religion among students higher.
doi:10.24042/ajsk.v13i2.700 doaj:8084b23949ae479e98ac0021454f820d fatcat:3p7aejuybvf3hcwa2eijzxx4ea